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Maya Alghaith Featured in The National Newspaper

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Health Gate Featured in The National Today

We are so thankful for the opportunity to share our story with the women in U.A.E. We do care about women, we do care about women's health and wellbeing. Thank you for all the ladies that already had the chance to experience HG Anion, and to share how it helped them, how it changed their lives. It is so rewarding when you you get a thank you note that you made a difference in someone's life, that you made someone healthier and happier...that keeps you going, that's keeps strong. Thank you to all our friends and fans for the continuous support and encouragement. Together we can have a better tomorrow.

Scaling up together

Women entrepreneurs move forward as a united force

Maya Alghaith is the co-founder of Health Gate, which designs and produces its own natural sanitary products in the UAE. Antonie Robertson / The National


It is a big claim, but Maya Alghaith is certain of it. Joining the female entrepreneurship programme Women-able has been the best decision of her business life.

"I never realised how much I would learn during this process. The mentors’ guidance makes you want to be the best in your field," says Ms Alghaith, the co-founder of Health Gate, which designs and produces its own natural sanitary products in the UAE. 

"They don’t give you the answer. They don’t hold your hand. But they make you dig deep within yourself and find what is important to you, why you are doing it. All the ladies in the group are like-minded and you can rely on them."

Ms Alghaith, who is from Bulgaria but has lived in the UAE since 1999, launched her company at the end of 2013 and currently sells 10,000 packs a month of her breathable sanitary products. But Ms Alghaith, who says the company had a 160 per cent turnover increase from 2014 to 2015, was looking to expand into new markets when she heard about Women-able at the start of this year.

The initiative, run by the training and coaching company, grow.ME, in association with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, launched in March. It provides education for female entrepreneurs, mentoring by business owners, introductions and guidance plus a support network.

It attracted 145 applicants when the programme launched in February, 100 of whom were accepted. There are now 25 finalists left.

For Health Gate’s Ms Alghaith, the opportunity to take her business to the next level inspired her to apply for Women-able. She stumbled upon her business idea while working as a manager for an automobile company. A good friend was diagnosed with cervical cancer in her early 30s and wanting to find out why, Ms Alghaith embarked on a search for answers.

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