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Health Gate was presented in AUD on Monday, November 14, 2016

Posted by KK Koong on

Ivaylo Milushev was one of the 16 picked up by The American University in Dubai (AUD), in the Alumni's entrepreneur showcase

Ivaylo Milushev graduated from AUD in 2014. He was helping in the forming of Health Gate from the very beginning, while still studying. He knows in and out the business as he has worked on all levels. He has grown with the company and has an important role in Health Gate's growth.

AUD organised an amazing event for 16 selected AUD Alumni to showcase their own businesses. AUD created a great platform for their Alumni to share their success stories and to inspire others.

Ivaylo is ready and excited to showcase Health Gate and all the natural products they carry.

The faculty members were really amazing. They gave some amazing ideas and comments and also offered hand to their alumni. 


A lot of students and visitors approached Ivaylo Milushev, curious to understand what Health Gate stands for, what we believe in, how we care about women, women's health and wellbeing. Everybody was happy to know about HG Anion sanitary napkins, how "The Science of The Waterfalls" was used to create them and how they prevent health issues and the way the products improve womens lives.

All the visitors were extremely happy and excited about Health Gate's products, some ladies fell in love with the Baby Cosmetics, some with rose oil cosmetics and everyone with Nordic light - Krill and Fish Oil Omega 3.


We take this opportunity to thank AUD for their tremendous support for students and alumni. Every single member of the staff was very enthusiastic and full with ideas how to help the businesses. The spirit of the event was contagious, positiveness and smiles everywhere. And what can better describe an amazing University, that stands out from all the rest? Well Done AUD.

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