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HG Belt Win Wave Energy Waist Guard - Size XXL

  • Dhs. 60.00


Special features:

Bio-Wave health management system combines magneto therapy (magnetic flux), thermotherapy (infrared), and oxygenation (anions); these aspects provide you with a detailed and comprehensive treatment which results in an in-depth therapy for your body.

Comfortable, light weight and trendy, this ergonomic design befits any body shape. This amazing product can also be u to prevent sequential damage to the waist and long term usage can also assist in weight loss.

Product structure:

  • Reinforcing band
  • Elastic PVC support shaft
  • Medical magnet*
  • Stainless steel*
  • Suitable for male and female

Ergonomic Design:

With such a unique design the product ensures to fit nicely and mould to your body shape. There are two types of elastic support materials used to support the back of your waist, as a result this helps to straighten up your spine and maximizes comfort.

All breathable structure:

Long term usage of the product will not cause any type of discomfort as the materials used are of the highest quality. The product is not only stretchable, breathable but also vastly supportive on your body and long lasting.

Reinforcing band:

The tightness on the band can be adjusted according to your needs.

French velvety cloth:

This is gentle to the skin, has a beautiful soft texture, and prevents the product from moving out of position.

User instruction:

Place the middle part of the waist belt directly to the waist or stomach area and tighten up the belt.

Suitable for:

Those who need long term rehabilitation treatments and people who suffer from back problems



Use with caution if pregnant

Women during menstrual period;

Patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis;

Do not use if you have severe external injuries, bleeding disorders, or high fever;

Do not use if you are a cancer patient or have had serious heart failure and need a cardiac pacemakers

Do not place your mobile phones, watch, or any magnetic objects close to the products.


Main components:

Medical magnet, Infrared, Stretchable Polyester, Polyurethane, Pile fabric, Velcro, Stretchable rubber band, Elastic PVC supporting shaft and stainless steel.