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Maya Alghaith Featured in KHALEEJ TIMES

Posted by KK Koong on

Maya Alghaith, Co-Founder of Health Gate - finalist at Promoting Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE project.

Maya Alghaith, Co-Founder of Health Gate, was nominated as one of the 25 women finalist of Women-able- Promoting Women entrepreneurs in the UAE project of Grow.ME in association with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. She has been selected out of 60 women, who were given a 3 moths opportunity to pitch their business and benefit from industry experts through training and mentorship during the course of 3 months.

This project was launched in March 2016 as a part of Grow.ME's wider Women-able initiative, which seeks to empower women in business across the UAE. It aims to support women entrepreneurs in the UAE to develop their business management and financial skills to build sustainable enterprises and play a stronger role in the economy.

Maya Alghaith was announced as a finalist of the initiative after a special event hosted by the Dubai Business Women Council at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where women entrepreneurs involved in the project presented their businesses to a panel of experts.

Health Gate is proud, that one of their key members, selected as a finalist by the panel, will receive further support to shape and grow the businesses in terms of sales boost, access networking opportunities and secure support from investors at a Demo Day event in November 2016.



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