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Myrose Micellar + Rose water 220 ml

Myrose Micellar + Rose water 220 ml

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The gentle Micellar rose water combines 3 actions in 1 product Ð cleans, soothes and refreshes. Removes all contaminants and residues of make-up from the face, the eyes and the lips. The micellar clean the skin immediately and without any effort and preserves its physiological. The added natural extract from Bulgarian Rosa Damascena soothes and regenerates the skin. The Micellar rose water gives the feeling for radiant clean and fresh skin. Paraben free. The refreshing face and body spray tones the skin giving it an immediate comfortable feeling. The micro drops of natural rose oil from Bulgarian Rosa Damascena in the water, penetrate in the skin and have a long lasting soothing and moisturizing effect. The regenerating and antioxidant qualities of the valuable rose oil protect the skin of harmful external influences and irritations. The captivating aroma of the Bulgarian rose gently soothes the senses and gives a unique pleasure.

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