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Showerhead with Anions and filter

  • Dhs. 100.00

Dechlorinating showerhead gives you a healthier life, better hair and skin 
Produces anions while showering, gives skin protection;

Relieves:balancing autonomic nerves system;
Stress:relaxing shower experience;
Dechlorinating:removes chlorine, give your family the best protection from the toxins in the water;
Bio-energy:smaller water molecule with bio eneregy, purifies your skinpores;
Massage:better water quality that gives you a relaxing massage.

The Importance of Anions
The modern lifestyle has cause a great change in our nature and environment.
This change has reduced the amount of negative ions in the air. Less anions in the air means the imbalance of cations and anions in human body that makes the body acidic and causes illness.

Relieving stress is the first step into a healthy life
- Nowadays, the pollution and other issues in our daily life cause imbalance in our autonomic nerves system. This leads to problems such as headache, migraine, insomnia and other illness.
- A serious autonomic nerves system imbalance will also affect the inner secretion system and cause problems in our immunity system. This problem can also lead to illness such as cancer, etc.

Balancing Autonomic Nerves System
- Dechlorinating showerhead will produce a great amount of anions while showering. It helps you relax and reduce stress, therefore balancing autonomic nerves system.
- When the autonomic nerves system is balanced, the body immune system will work properly, therefore protecting your body from illnesses and diseases.

Enjoy Spa Massage and Shower in Your Home Every Day
- The water that flows through the showerhead gives you massaging experience. This will relieve your stress and helps your body relax every time you’re showering. Enjoy while the small water molecules penetrate your pores and clean your skin thoroughly.
- Water with small molecule has the ability to penetrate your skin pores and will help in cleaning your body thoroughly.

Removes Chlorine from Water
- Research shows that water contains lots of materials that are harmful for our body, the most common one is chlorine. Dechlorinating showerhead helps you remove the chlorine and other toxic materials from the water.
- Removes chlorine from water and increases anion content at the same time. 

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