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HG EMF Health Card

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Do You Know the Hazards Posed by Electromagnetic Waves?

The current constantly improving industry and ever-changing technology, stimulates the usage of home appliances and electronic facilities. While bringing about convenience to human-being, in the other side, it also endangers human health.

Scientifically proven, during consumption of these home appliances and electronic facilities, different wave length and frequency of electronic magnetic radiation are emitted in different degree. These electronic magnetic is invisible, colourless, no smell, and with strong penetration, unpreventable to ruin human's health. They have become a new pollution, gradually invading human’s body, affect human's health, and embark different kind of diseases.

Electronic magnetic radiation is becoming a new worldwide harm. According to international publication, the harm can be categorized into:

  • Evoke DNA mutation, increase cancer risk.
  • Bring disorder to normal human electronic physical activity, cause headache, insomnia, depression and other disease.
  • Bring damage to eyes, cause ophthalmology problem.
  • Alter Signal of Thyroid Tumour emitted at cell membrane, impedes growth of children bones.
  • Bring disorder to the flow of calcium ionic within cell membrane, affect children and adolescent growth.
  • It has accumulative effect, reflection caused harm will accumulate, eventually brings perpetually damage.

Since the harm of electronic magnetic radiation is undoubted, is there a way to overcome this “invisible killer'?


With the commitment of caring human health, Health Gate proudly presents an innovative EMF Card which can effectively absorb and eliminate harm of electronic magnetic radiation, and allow you to enjoy electronic appliances to a new high.

EMF Card function

EMF Cardembed with High-Tech chip, the chip is formed by several wave absorber magnetic material and special elements, which can absorb the outer radiation to human toward the chip, through the self spin transmission it transforms electronic magnetic to heat energy and later forms a shield, which will alter surrounding electronic magnetic distribution, absorb electronic magnetic radiation and eliminate harm to human.

EMF Card characteristic

Eliminate harm of electronic magnetic radiation, EMF Card will protect human meridian system organism electrical flow cycle, to avoid disorder driven by electronic magnetic radiation; to stimulate membrane, maintain adequate active energy to fight against electronic magnetic radiation, and bring order to human organism electrical flow cycle, enhance human immune system, and to sustain human health.

EMF Card manual

While using electronic appliance in close distance (computer, mobile and portable video game etc.), position EMF Card at chest area.

In other occasion, position the EMF Card at chest area or carry along (for instance put inside bag, wallet, or pocket). It will ensure human body stay away from electronic magnetic radiation; SEM card is long-lasting usage, durable functions, and life time benefit.

EMF Card attribute

EMF Card has been undergone test set by China Electronic Technology University and China Technology Test Research Laboratory:

  • EMF Cardabsorbs electronic magnetic radiation up to 93.7%
  • EMF Cardreduces electronic magnetic more than 99%
  • Compare to other similar product, EMF Cardis better.
  • EMF Cardpossess magnetic proof, water proof, high heat-resistance and not easy to tear.
  • Electronic Magnetic Shield EMF Card has obtained National Patent Authority approval, to protect the appearance, new design and invented materials.
  • Patent Number: ZL 97 1 08989.   

2pcs EMF Card / box