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HG Baby Cosmetics Gift Set (FULL)

HG Baby Cosmetics Gift Set

Contents :

HG Baby Shampoo with camomile and linden extracts (200ml) X 1

HG Baby Cream-soap (75g) X 1

HG Baby Soap with smoke-tree extract (75g) X 1

HG Baby Liquid Soap Sensitive (500ml) X 1

HG Baby Oil with wheat germ oil (220ml) X 1

HG Baby Body Milk with olive oil (200ml) X 1

HG Baby Diaper Rash Cream (40ml) X 1

HG Baby Protective Baby Cream (75ml) X 1

HG Baby Hydrating Cream (240ml) X 1

HG Baby Liquid Powder (75ml) X 1

HG Baby Dental Gel for cutting teeth (20ml) X 1

HG Baby Dish Wash (500ml) X 1

HG Baby Liquid Detergent (1300ml) X 1

HG Baby Repellent Lotion 8h Protection (150ml) X 1

HG Baby After Bite Soothing Gel (20ml) X 1

HG Baby Wet Wipes with sumac oil packet (72pcs) X 1

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