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Featured in CONNECTOR MAGAZINE - Nov 2016

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Health Gate is proud that our co-founder Maya Alghaith is featured here in the Connector magazine as one of the 25 finalists in the Woman-able programme.

The final pitch is on 21st of November, 2016. Excited for all the ladies that are showcasing. Wishing them luck.

Dear friends, thank you for the tremendous support :) Please, share so more ladies can benefit from the HG Anion.



new women entrepreneurs

 In March 2016, grow.ME, in association with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, launched the Women-able: Promoting Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE programme, part of a series of initiatives by grow.ME to power women in business across the UAE.

We met with three of the finalists…


Tell us about your business

Health Gate is a company dedicated to developing healthy, non-toxic, natural products for women all over the world. Our products are created to prevent health issues and promote a better life.


Our idea came from the Science of the Waterfalls. Imagine standing next to a beautiful waterfall – the air smells fresh and wonderful. With every breath you take, you feel calmer, less stressed, you begin to smile and feel light. That annoying headache has disappeared and you feel amazing! Those are the negative ion in the air produced by rapid movement of the water. When our bodies are exposed to high concentration of negative ions natural healing occurs.  


Health Gate had harnessed this power of natural and created wonderful sanitary napkins, free of pollutants and chemicals that actually improve your health and wellbeing. HG Anion has signature green strip that contains the power of negative ions, just like the waterfalls.

Our range also includes natural baby products, a range of natural products for pregnant mums, beauty products for woman and supplements.


How has Women-able helped you?

It is one of the best decisions I have made. I never realized how much I would learn during this process. The coaches are so inspiring and their guidance makes you want to be the best in your field. They don’t give you the answers, you have to dig deep within yourself and find what is important to you and why you are doing it. Woman-able has taught me how to communicate my passion to the world and how to turn that passion into a successful business.

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